Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm Stuffed

As I prepared to move to Pennsylvania, I looked into renting a U-haul. $1600 to rent it, not to mention gas. I don't own enough or want to keep enough to spend that much money.

So I've been selling off furniture, often at a fraction of what I paid for it, and giving things away. My friends and family will soon be running in the opposite direction when they see me, being tired of hearing "hey, do you want....".

In the course of all this, I have really come to a visceral understanding of the futility of all this....stuff.
In this lifetime alone, I have moved nearly twenty times as an adult. Each time getting rid of stuff, getting more stuff. How many hours of my life have I spent working for the money to buy stuff, shopping for stuff, buying the stuff, taking it home, taking care of stuff, all to sell it or give it away. What was the point? What a waste! And how many lifetimes?

Disenchantment sets in......